How Much Does a Solar Street Light Cost


Solar street lights have been gaining dramatic popularity in recent years. Solar street lights is a good eco-friendly and renewable alternative lighting solution that captures the hearts of people, particularly those green movement supporters and those who want to sustain and protect the environment they’re living in.

People purchase different types of solar street lights for a variety of purposes. Some purchase to provide enough light on their house street, backyard, and garden, while others need it for commercial business’ parking lot, public’s general areas, and roadsides.Of course, the first question you might have when considering buying from solar street light suppliers is their prices. So today, I am going to shares my professional insights as a solar street light exporter.

1. The cost of solar panels

The cost of the solar panel is relatively high. Basically, the cost of a solar panel will account for half of the cost of the entire solar street light. Now various manufacturers are using different technologies to reduce the cost in this area, but so far there is no better method. I believe that if this problem can be solved, the penetration rate of our solar street lights will increase.

2. The cost of LED lights

This cost is not very high, but compared with ordinary lamps, this kind of lamp is higher than solar street light.However, solar street lights do not require additional wiring, are easy to install and have no electricity bills, and the installation  is also simpler than ordinary street lights, which can save a lot of money. And the safety performance is more stable than ordinary lamps. Combining all costs for comparison, solar street lights are cheaper than ordinary street lights.

3. The cost of the battery

The battery also accounts for almost one-third of the cost of the entire street lamp, mainly because the battery is good or bad will have a direct impact on the length of the lighting time. Therefore, we must choose the battery when choosing solar street lights.

4. The cost of the overall bracket and the cost of installation.

The cost of this aspect needs to be determined by itself according to the actual installation location. The above are some factors that affect the price of solar street lights. I hope the summary of the editor can bring you some understanding.