How to choose led stadium lights


Led stadium lights can be divided into multiple types according to the specific use environment, not the same for every stadium. Sometimes the LED lights used in basketball courts and football courts and badminton venues are different. We must choose according to the lighting needs of our venues.

Basketball court lighting

The basketball court is usually divided into an indoor basketball court and an outdoor basketball court. It is a rectangular plane with no obstacles. The stadium lighting should be uniform and the brightness should be sufficient. The placement of lighting equipment shall not obstruct the vision of the team members. Regarding the choice of lamps and lanterns, the indoor basketball court is to directly hang lamps and lanterns on the ceiling of the basketball court with a height of 7 meters, and 100W-150W led high bay lights can be used. Outdoor basketball courts usually use light poles as light fixtures. The height of the light pole is 8 meters. You can choose 100W-150W led flood lights or shoebox street lights. The specific light color and parameter requirements can be made on the actual site.

Badminton court lighting

Badminton courts are similar to basketball courts. They are divided into indoor badminton courts and outdoor badminton courts, so the choice of lighting will be different.

Because of the different heights, indoor badminton courts also directly hang lamps on the ceiling of the badminton court. The height is 9 meters or more. LED high bay lights above 200W can be used. The specific requirements depend on the site requirements. Outdoor badminton courts also use light poles as installations. Light bracket, the height of the light pole is 10 meters, you can choose the LED flood light above 200W or the special light for badminton court