LED Package Process SMD


The packaging process of the SMD LED is to first configure the phosphor and epoxy resin to make a mold, then make the epoxy resin with the phosphor powder into a glue cake, and stick the glue cake on the chip, around Then fill with epoxy resin to make 5050 LED patch in SMD package.

The more common SMD LED with an outline size of 50(mm)×50(mm) in the market is packaged with three LED chips, and six pins are extended, which are soldered to the surface of the PCB circuit board. The thermal conductive glue is attached to the surface of the heat sink, so that the heat dissipation is greatly improved, the reliability is greatly improved, and the light decay is also reduced. 5050LED patch For high-power LEDs, high thermal conductivity metal-ceramic composite substrates are mainly used. Its main features are:
  (1) High thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance;
  (2) Thermal expansion coefficient matching (TCE: 6.2);
  (3) UV resistance;
  (4) Corrosion and yellowing resistance;
  (5) Meet ROHS standards;
      (6) High temperature resistance.