How To Make Solar Street Light


First of all, when we buy solar street lights, what should we pay attention to?

1. Check the battery level

When we use it, we should know its battery level. This is because the power released by solar street lights is different in different periods, so we should pay attention to understanding its power and whether it meets the relevant national standards when purchasing. We also need to check the product's certificate when purchasing, so as not to buy inferior products.

2. Look at the battery capacity

We need to understand the size of the battery capacity of the solar street light before using it. The battery capacity of the solar street light should be appropriate, neither too large nor too small. If the battery capacity is too large, energy may be wasted in daily use. If the battery capacity is too small, the ideal lighting effect will not be achieved at night, but it will bring a lot of inconvenience to people's lives.

3. Look at the battery packaging form

When purchasing solar street lights, we should also pay attention to the packaging form of the battery. After the solar street light is installed, the battery needs to be sealed and a mask should be worn outside, which can not only reduce the output power of the battery, prolong the service life of the battery, but also make the solar street light more beautiful.

So how do we make solar street lights?

First, choose a well-lit installation site, make a foundation pit at the installation site, and embed the fixtures;

Secondly, check whether the lamps and their accessories are complete and intact, assemble the lamp head components, and adjust the angle of the solar panel;

Finally, assemble the lamp head and the lamp pole, and fix the lamp pole with screws.