50W 75W 100W 120W 150W 180W 200W 240W Smart Outdoor Street Light

  • Light effiency: 130lm/w ,140lm/w
  • Luminous: 6500LM~40000LM
  • Leds: SMD 3030 SMD5050 Famous brand
  • Materials: Aluminum
  • CCT: 2700K~6500K
  • IP grade: IP66
  • Input voltage: AC100-277V;50/60Hz;PF>0.95
  • Waranty: 5 Years
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1. Made of one-piece die-casting, standard ADC12 die-cast aluminum, green and pollution-free, does not contain lead, mercury and other polluting elements, and does not cause any pollution to the environment.

2. Unique waterproof structure design, breaking the traditional waterproof cable connection method, safe and reliable, the whole lamp waterproof grade is IP67.

3. Professional light distribution design, Teijin 1250Z, LED + lens secondary light distribution + glass, lens angle: T3 light.

4. Ultra-small cross-section, higher wind resistance level, wind resistance level of the whole lamp: level 10; simple structure, easy assembly, high utilization rate of packaging and transportation;

5. Optional light-controlled sensing devices are available, and an additional 30 yuan will be added to the corresponding price; microwave sensing and ZigBEE communication wireless control systems are required separately.

6. The entire lamp’s surge protection (lightning protection) level is above 6KV.

Lamp brandPhilips SMD3030 Serial-parallel 8S*12P 96PcsPhilips SMD3030 Serial-parallel 6S*16P 96PcsPhilips SMD3030 Serial-parallel 6S*24P 144PcsPhilips SMD3030 Serial-parallel 6S*24P 144PcsPhilips SMD3030 Serial-parallel 6S*32P 192PcsPhilips SMD3030 Serial-parallel 6S*32P 192PcsPhilips SMD3030 Serial-parallel 8S*40P 320PcsPhilips SMD3030 Serial-parallel 8S*40P 320Pcs
Light Effect≧130LM/W≧130LM/W≧130LM/W≧125LM/W≧130LM/W≧125LM/W≧140LM/W≧130LM/W
Input VoltageAC100-277VAC100-277VAC100-277VAC100-277VAC100-277VAC100-277VAC100-277VAC100-277V
Product Size515*200*85mm515*200*85mm565*220*85mm565*220*85mm635*240*85mm635*240*85mm665*290*85mm635*290*85mm
Lens AngleT3/4/5

Protection LevelIP66
Service Life50000 hours

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